Professionalism first.

I’ve found amazing opportunities in my life by being passionate, dedicated, and most importantly professional. I enjoy working in a team with similar values; it allows me to grow and learn new techniques to advance my craft.

Featured Commercial Work

I have spent many years working with companies both large and small.
Please note that some of the work I've done for partners such as Amazon, Microsoft and Twitter can't be displayed here due to NDA contracts that I have signed.

Film Production Work

In 2018, I co-founded Seapoint Studios with the intent to bring more high quality indie film to New England. I never anticipated the incredible support from other filmmakers around the coast. Notably Rachel Thomas, an award-winning writer turned director, has trusted me with her most dramatic screenplays, and we are so proud with the outcome.   

The Squirrels in the Attic

Penny (2022)

Producer, Editor, 1st AD

A hard-core female chef looking to make a romantic connection fights off primitive impulses during a series of dates, as memories of her mentally ill mother bleed into current-day life.

In the Company of Crows

In the Company of Crows (2021)

Producer, Editor, Script Supervisor

A naïve teenage girl with autism turns to the offerings of crows she’s befriended to save herself after being victimized by her degenerate neighbor and classmate.

The Squirrels in the Attic

The Squirrels in the Attic (2020)

Producer, Editor, Sound Mixer

A spitfire public defender unexpectedly finds herself in uncharted territory while interrogating a dangerous ex-con and his inappropriately young girlfriend in their isolated rural home.

Fun Videos

I believe it's extremely important to stay passionate and creative. Here are a couple non-profit projects I've worked on over the years, that I'm proud of.

More videos to check out, if interested

BTS Pictures!!!

I love being on set and in action. Here are some highlights.